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MDO Podcast Interview - At-Home Digital Health: Here's What You Need to Know

In this recent podcast interview with Chris Newmarker of Medical Design & Outsourcing, CTO Scott Thielman provides solutions to common challenges medtech companies face when moving their devices into the home.

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Diagnostics Move Home – How to Ensure Your Product Keeps Up with the Next Generation

The growing diagnostic market is seeing a shift toward home care. This article examines the transition of IVD’s into the home and discusses current trends to help you ensure your product keeps up with the next generation of diagnostics.

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Frost & Sullivan's Mind Xchange: Designing for the Patients

Today, both patients and caregivers hold an expectation that the devices they use to manage care will operate the same way as the digital products they use in their everyday lives. Read on for key takeaways that emerging technologies in the healthcare space can apply to their own businesses.

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