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Verathon BladderScan BVI 9400
A big update to an ultrasound pioneer

Verathon is a pioneer in portable pre-op bladder imaging ultrasound. The introduction of their BVI 3000 quickly became the standard of care. However, after years of success, the design became dated and could not support adjacent scanning opportunities. Matching Product Creation Studio’s skill set with their need to improve the capabilities of the next generation, Verathon chose our team as their design and engineering partner for the BVI 9400.


Product Design, Experience Design, Manufacturing Support


Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering






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Leaning on Experience for a New Product Path

Product Creation Studio supported Verathon’s decision process for the new product by leveraging prior experience integrating ultrasound technology into highly-durable, portable and easy-to-use housing units. The BVI 9400 included updated features such as an adjustable screen to aid interaction, integration of a legacy interface to increase user 2doption and reduce training time, and a GUI and physical interface for better workflow. 

A Platform for Success

Due to the success of the BVI 9400, Verathon re-packaged the hardware to create additional products and successfully open adjacent market segments. 

"Thank you for your exceptional support. Product Creation Studio's feedback was very useful and we used several of your tips while working on the product, it was definitely a valuable experience for us." - Program Manager, Verathon