Justin Knowles
Director of Venture Design

Justin brings a unique blend of design, engineering, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship to the team. He specializes in synthesizing the business, marketing, and production needs during the development process in order to create the right product. His primary focus at the studio is working with start-up clients on creating and executing product strategy.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has brought dozens of his own product ideas to market. In 2012 he sold PocketToolX, a company he co-founded in 2009, to Leatherman Tool Group. He loves to create simple product brands that leverage outsourcing and automation when possible. 

He is one of our resident coffee snobs and his preferred brewing method is pour-over. He's also an aspiring whiskey aficionado.

Justin obtained his bachelor's and master's in industrial engineering from the University of Washington.

Team member since : 2012