Gregory Martin
Director of Design

Greg has been an integral part of crafting design within Product Creation Studio and heads up the studio's industrial design group. Greg focuses on bringing new ideas to life and connecting ideas to people in a beautiful way.

Over the years, Greg has worked with and led designs for numerous organizations to the likes of L'Oreal, Harmon/Karden, P&G, Hasbro, US Air-Force, Honda and beyond. His experience ranges from nascent start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across multiple markets, brands, and fields-giving him the ability to develop realistic solutions that are market appropriate and sympathetic to the end users. He has achieved XPRIZE accolades and helped drive millions of dollars in development funding to fuel the next generation of user-centered products.

Greg holds a bachelor's in industrial designer from the University of Cincinnati - DAAP - as well as a specialization in transportation design.

Team member since : 2012