Empowering Innovation

New product innovation is full of unknowns. Product Creation Studio’s experienced designers and engineers guide clients through the uncertainty. We combine creativity, proven process and a collaborative culture to deliver impactful products.






Industries Served

The same level of quality in every development effort

Product Creation Studio is trusted by some of the world's most-recognized brands to expedite the commercialization of complex, connected hardware devices that delight consumers and build brands. 



Our experience spans home health, wearable tech, pharmaceutical delivery, point-of-care diagnostics, imaging and therapeutic ultrasound, photobiomodulation and more.

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From wearable fitness devices to crash-detection systems, Product Creation Studio has successfully tackled a wide range of technical development challenges for consumer-facing products. 


With experience ranging from industrial grade furnaces, to powered ascenders, to ocean-going mil-spec transceivers, we bring innovative design thinking to industrial products.


Markets Served

Experience across market segments

The continuously-evolving nature of these product segments mean that they're even more susceptible to obsolescence, making a thoughtful product strategy and forward-thinking development approach mission critical. 


Internet of Things

We have extensive experience navigating the IoT landscape to design products that provide superior utility and value.

Wearable Tech

We help companies address the very specific set of considerations presented when designing a wearable device.

Home Health

Our experience with consumer and medical technology give us a unique understanding of both user and regulatory needs.