EndoGear ZipClip
Revolutionary Gastrointestinal Endoclip Tool 

Gastroenterologists Ben Merrifield and Drew Schembre founded EndoGear to address an unmet need in their field of clinical practice. Unsatisfied with the current endoclips for hemostasis, they envisioned the ZipClip, a novel device deployed through the endoscope to provide superior perforation closure and stop gastrointestinal bleeding in the stomach, bowel or large intestine. With their goals of increased speed and control constrained by needs for safety, cost reduction and miniature scale, the doctors called upon Product Creation Studio to provide the design and engineering expertise. 

From the initial concept design to pre-production samples, Product Creation Studio worked with the EndoGear team from end-to-end. 


Development Strategy, Product Design, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Support


Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, User Experience

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Big Functionality, Small Device

Modern surgical techniques are all about scale. To convince the grant review panel at the Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF), Product Creation Studio helped EndoGear create an initial prototype small enough to pass through a 2.8 mm endoscopic channel. This removed a key concern over functionality at the miniature scale. With funding in hand, the team designed and built pre-production devices that demonstrated the novel closure mechanism.

An End-to-End Solution

Product Creation Studio provided the physician innovators at EndoGear with an enhanced level of sophistication in design, materials and prototyping that allowed them to win grant awards from LSDF and advance their project to a key animal testing milestone.

Product Creation Studio expertise and processes enable medtech innovators to build their ideas into functional samples that support testing for regulatory submission and help ramp up for manufacturing.