New Year's Resolution: Fund Your Tech Startup

Is private investment to fund your hardware startup part of your new year’s resolution? Have you considered angel investment as a resource but don’t know how to get started or if you are even ready?

Product Creation Studio's CTO Scott Thielman, and Business Development Juan Sadder co-chair the Hardware Committee for Keiretsu Forum Northwest. The committee evaluates deals through pitch review and Q&A sessions; similar to the actual forum but with the emphasis on giving feedback to the candidate company.

“Like all the committees at K4, we want to find great teams and help them tune their business plans. We want them to be ready to pitch to the larger forum.” - Scott Thielman, HW Committee co-chair

Juan and Scott are currently looking for companies to fill out the roster for the next few months. Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month and can accommodate up to two presenting companies. If you are starting to look at fund raising for your technology company then reach out to Juan and Scott and ask about the K4 HW Committee.

Please reach out to Scott or Juan if you are interested in submitting a pitch to the Keiretsu Forum Northwest Hardware (K4 HW) Committee.