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Setting the Stage: Creating a Design Mindset Early in Product Development

Usability studies are created to understand how real users interact with your product. When constructed with a design mindset, feedback from these tests can lead to improved product design and ultimately, better products, faster.

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Great Product Design: The Key to Market Success

We know our clients care about great product design, and so do we. We were recently honored with the prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for our work on motusBASEBALL, a wearable technology that seeks to prevent injury in baseball players.

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3 Critical Steps to a Successful Product Design Strategy

Creating a hardware device comes with a unique set of design constraints. Knowing what to consider from the beginning of your project will help you navigate the challenges ahead. In this video, Cameron Smith, Founder and CEO of Product Creation Studio, will cover what some of those unique challenges entail and how to overcome them.

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