MDO Webinar: Create Better Healthcare Experiences through Human-centered Design


Continuing our theme of creating better products through human-centered design, we were honored to host a webinar with Medical Design & Outsourcing on the very subject.

Last week, Scott Thielman interviewed Chrissy Glaister, a Customer Experience Design Researcher for Premera Blue Cross in a live webinar titled Here’s How to Create Better Healthcare Experiences through Human-centered Design.

The Human-centered Approach Gives Organizations Power

The most significant challenges in healthcare are at the human level. Diet, fitness, medication adherence and regular check-ups can all be influenced by our relationships. While today’s technology can impede these human-to-human interactions, following a human-centered approach gives organizations the power to create technology solutions that feel natural and engaging.

Can human-centered design of medical devices go beyond safe and effective use?  How can device manufacturers integrate a human-centered approach into their development activities?

A recording of the webinar is now available, complete with slides, on demand.