MDO Podcast Interview - At-Home Digital Health: Here's What You Need to Know


Demand is increasing for at-home digital health systems, where sensors follow people’s health data and automatically turn them into real-time insights for themselves and their health providers.

From ResMed and its connected CPAP machine to Clarify Medical incorporating user feedback into its light therapy system, medical device companies have already started to see success with their at-home digital health devices.

“We really need to focus on cultivating a user experience — a great user experience that will be sticky, that will overcome the downsides of having to live with whatever this technology is in their lives. There’s design work there to be done that we really need to lean into and focus on to keep these innovations successful,” Thielman noted in the interview.  

In this recent podcast interview with Chris Newmarker of Medical Design & Outsourcing, CTO Scott Thielman provides solutions to common challenges medtech companies face when moving their devices into the home.

Head over to MDO to hear the full interview, “At-Home Digital Health: Here’s What You Need to Know” from Scott and Chris via SoundCloud.