Talent Spotlight on Ilia Timonin, Mechanical Engineer

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What led you to a career in product development?

My technical hobby is to design and build RC planes. It involves RC plane design work and then building process, producing parts, working with different tools and materials (woodworking tools and wood, metal fabrication tools, machining tool, different metals, composite materials, glues etc.).

One of Ilia's RC plane design projects.

One of Ilia's RC plane design projects.

My past work involved working with different CAD systems, mostly surfaces modeling. This is valuable experience in product design where outside surface aesthetics and quality are critical.

I have an Aerospace Design Engineer education from Samara State Aerospace University from Russia. The most valuable discipline from that education that I bring to my work at Product Creation Studio includes strength of materials, mechanics, materials properties, parts and assemblies drawing processing, manufacturing processes and technologies.

What excites you most about your job?

To see the products I participated in the creation of come to life and enter the market.   

Most notably, this includes:

  • Motus Global's baseball sensor. I worked on housing design and internal components allocation in conjunction with the ID and EE teams, building prototype parts and assembling prototypes, producing drawings sets for the components, inspecting production samples and providing feedback for manufacturer.

  • RenaWare and their cookware line. I created CAD models for cookware utensils and covers, surface modeling for cookware handles, proposals about for their Nutracheck whistle mechanism, building and testing prototypes, producing drawings sets for the components, inspecting production samples and providing feedback for the manufacturer.

  • I also worked on the RenaWare water filter project where I redesigned the preliminary existing design to be manufacturable and to meet necessary restrictions and specifications. I also built and tested water filter prototypes, inspected production samples, and provided feedback for the manufacturer.

  • Advanced Bionic's Neptune, their cochlear implant units. My work included outside surface CAD models for the ID team, performed parts adjustments and modifications, and produced drawings sets for the components.

Describe your most rewarding work experience to date.

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The most rewarding work experience was when I was working in different CAD programs. I learned of surface modeling and different CAD modeling techniques.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Ilia's motorcycle with the mods he performed on it.

Ilia's motorcycle with the mods he performed on it.

I like snowboarding at Steven's Pass and paragliding activities. I also like to design and build RC aircraft models.

I have also designed some custom parts for my motorcycle including a high performance front isolator engine mount, steering damper, oil mist catch can, RFID key fob for motorcycle ignition switch and more. While I don't do this regularly, this work has really allowed me to hone my engineering abilities in my free time.  

If you had an out-of-town guest visiting Seattle, what three things would you recommend they do while in town?

I recommend downtown Seattle, specifically Pike Place Market and the downtown waterfront piers. Of course, the Space Needle is a great choice too! The ferry across Puget Sound gives you the most beautiful view of the city's skyline and you get to see all the small islands in the Sound. If you're willing to take a detour outside the city, I would recommend a day trip to Mt. Rainier