State of the MedTech Industry: Medical Design & Outsourcing Interviews CEO, Cameron Smith

Photo by millionsjoker/iStock / Getty Images

Since the abrupt closing of the once premier consulting firm, Stratos Product Development in late April, many people have been questioning the viability and direction of the MedTech industry. 

Earlier this week, our CEO, Cameron Smith shared his insights and laments about the state of product consultancies, particularly those serving the medical technology space with journalist Heather Thompson of Medical Design & Outsourcing magazine. 

Here is a quick preview of the article: 

Smith’s advice for medtech is to look for product design firms that have a diversified portfolio, but also deep knowledge in medical technology.

But diversification need not be far removed from medical. Firms that are branching into the consumer healthcare space are adapting and applying their medical expertise to a consumer space.

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