MedTech Case Study: Cypris Medical Suturing System

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A New Perspective on the Facelift

Traditional facelift procedures are invasive, expensive and risk complications from general anesthesia. While popular, facial injections don’t really “lift” and are only temporary. The Xact Suturing System from Cypris Medical is a minimally-invasive treatment that bridges the gap between surgery and facial injections. 

Designing Reliable, Minimally-Invasive Stitching

While the original Xact system was a mechanical marvel, it was plagued by occasionally capturing an inadequate amount of tissue. Market success depends on a high degree of tool reliability, and failure to secure the suture can result in an uncomfortable situation for the doctor and disappointment for the patient. Therefore, Cypris Medical CEO Dan Holton knew that throwing the blind stitch reliably was key to his game-changing product. 

A Simplified Device with Improved Performance 

Cypris Medical needed a second opinion on their system design. Product Creation Studio offered the needed expertise in mechanism design for interventional devices and was able to triage the potential suture pull-out causes, and quickly focus on the suture effector. Concepts were developed and rapidly tested on a bench tissue simulant. Expertise included:

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Bioengineering

  • Industrial Design

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Solution Ideation

  • Concept

  • Prototype

Findings were documented and a list of system improvements were transferred to the client’s development and manufacturing team. The modifications had dual benefit of device simplification and performance improvement. 

“ I am very happy with the team effort and the contributions from industrial design, mechanical engineering and bioengineering. I am also very happy with the approach, flexibility and the huge strides we made in solving our core problem.” -CEO, Cypris Medical

UPDATE JULY 23, 2019

Cyrpis Medical announced the commercial launch of their Xact device. This is the only minimally invasive option for effective and lasting treatment of gravitational descent in the face and neck. You can read more about the 2019 launch in their press release.