Operating in an Innovation Ecosystem

Product Creation Studio Hosts Innovation Leaders from Around the Country


On October 4, 2017, Product Creation Studio had the pleasure of hosting 50 innovation managers from around the country at our studio. The event was a part of a broader conference hosted by the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the Association of Managers of Innovation. The topic of the meeting overall was “Activating Networks to Solve Tough Challenges.” Participants in the conference came from start-ups and boutique firms, as well as well-known organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Premera, the Gates Foundation and Microsoft.

Before coming to the studio, the participants enjoyed a panel at MOHAI where they heard from executives representing four hot sectors of innovation in Seattle: retail (Starbucks), aerospace (Boeing), private space (Planetary Resources) and biotech (FenoLogica). After the panel, the group walked over to Product Creation Studio, where we led a conversation about “Operating in an Innovation Ecosystem.”

Product Creation Studio CEO, Cameron Smith, gave a background on the organization, and shared how the company was founded to be a self-contained innovation ecosystem that fostered cross collaboration between all the disciplines needed to bring a product innovation to fruition. Next, CTO Scott Thielman shared insights on how Product Creation Studio goes about successfully solving product innovation challenges. Ian McDuff, our VP of Client Engagement, rounded out the presentation by sharing our approach to project management that helps organizations stay on track while managing projects that are full of unknowns.

Next, guests enjoyed touring the studio and chatting with team members about current and past projects including motusBASEBALL and Advanced Bionics Neptune. Gregory Martin, our Director of Design, also shared an in-progress project with Aqueduct Critical Care. The event ended with networking, and the group continued their education through the end of the week.

We were very excited to participate in this event, and would like to thank MOHAI for inviting us to join. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the topics we discussed.

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