Amanda Woodcock on 'BioEs in Industry' Panel

Amanda Woodcock, our resident bioengineer and UW Alum, was invited to speak on a panel called "What Can BS BioEs Do In Industry?", an event hosted by UW's BioEngage program and the Yalow Family Foundation.

The topic focused on how each expert got into their respective industry and what their day-to-day experience looked like. 

Traditionally, the bioengineering track at UW serves as an undergraduate program and stepping stone for graduate students. It's relatively rare to see students go straight into the industry from that program. 

“I always knew the culture around academic research wasn’t for me,” Amanda explained. “When I discovered Product Creation Studio during my senior year at the U, I knew that was a better fit. I did everything I could to make working for them a reality."

Amanda presented her experience and educational background to the students, her "aha" moment and what she loves most about the work she does. She also participated in a Q&A panel with other alumni in the industry. 

The students in attendance were drawn to the alternative way Amanda uses her bioengeering degree. 

“Although I don’t have many of the same skills as my colleagues, bioengineering gave me a wider breadth of knowledge in the disciplines that I work, as well as a deeper understanding of the medical context of the products we develop” she explained. “BioE taught me to be a quick learner and think on my feet—allowing me to progress in mechanical and electrical design with the support of my colleagues at PCS”.

Many students who attended the event were much like Amanda, looking for a fast-paced, interesting and ever-changing environment to do their work.

Amanda left with many students asking for tours of the studio, requesting internship information, and asking about job prospects at Product Creation Studio and similar organizations.

“It was fun to get students excited about what I am already so passionate about. I hope this will inspire them to follow their own passion as well, even though it may be unconventional." 

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