2016 Product Development Seminar

Moving Your Product from Idea to Market Success

Location: Cambia Grove,1800 9th Avenue, Seattle
Date: May 12, 2016
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Cost: $20/person (Includes lunch)

Our 2016 two part presentation and panel seminar will provide insight into the many challenges that come along with hardware development. The speaker sessions will cover critical success factors and our panel of industry experts will shed light on challenges in the product development ecosystem. By the end of the day, we hope you will gain a clearer path toward bringing your idea to market. 


Our sessions will feature talks by our Product Creation Studio experts that cover the critical success factors you need to know before getting started on your product.

Understanding Your Market Needs Kim Chau

Identifying your market is critical for your business success. One of the top three reasons start-ups struggle is due to an inability to meet their market needs.  Analyzing your customer profiles and segmenting their needs can help you define products, services, and solutions that resonate with them. This talk will outline these key marketing strategies and approaches to better understand your product’s demand.

Developing the Right Teams Ian MacDuff

Executing hardware projects is hard; much harder than executing software projects. This isn't because creating hardware is more difficult than doing software work, but because hardware projects require significantly more communication to be effective. Building a strong hardware team therefore requires hiring great communicators and helping them build great relationships.  This talk will teach you how to find, retain, and support great hardware teams.

What to Consider When Designing Your Device Cameron Smith

Creating hardware devices comes with a unique set of design constraints. Knowing what to consider from the beginning of your development process will help you navigate the challenges ahead. In this talk we will cover what some of those unique challenges entail and how to overcome them.

Right-Sized Prototyping Scott Thielman, PhD

Prototyping effectively can have a major impact on the success of your project. By efficiently utilizing prototyping you will save yourself both time and money. This talk will outline the steps to developing a prototyping approach and teach you how to write a prototyping mission statement that identifies your audience and objectives.

Adaptive Project Management Andy Silber, PhD

The two most common project management paradigms, waterfall and agile, don’t work effectively for developing hardware. The challenges are too unpredictable for waterfall, and require too much planning for agile. What is a project manager to do? In this talk, we will guide you through adaptive project management and how it takes the most applicable aspects from both waterfall and agile to help you navigate the treacherous path from concept to product.


We are excited to present our impressive panel of experts! This panel features speakers from different areas of the product development ecosystem.

Moderator: Leo Lam, Principal at Folio Consulting

Blake Stancik, VP of Operations at Product Creation Studio (Product Development Operations)
Roger Wylie, managing partner at Kilpatrick Townsend (Intellectual Property)
Matt Cordell, national sales manager at OSI Electronics (Manufacturing)
Roger Sahm MD, biomedical consultant (Clinical Trial and Regulatory Compliance)
Maren Nelson, medical device consultant (Product Certification and Commercialization Process)