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Bevl Dock
A Targeted User Experience

The owners of BEVL tasked PCS to assess the $81-billion mobile product accessory market, and to examine opportunities at the convergence of technology and lifestyle.  Our responsibility was to plan and roll out a timeless, versatile product brand.  This included creating brand identity, strategy, product roadmap, product launch, and consulting for the web store, marketing and promotion.


Product Design, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Support


Industrial Design, User Experience, Mechanical Engineering





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The Strategy

We created the BEVL brand for a specific user group: the creative class, which makes up 30 percent of the American workforce. The brand fills a market segment where analog meets digital, it's mission is to create the highest quality of purpose built goods for the discerning tech user. Devices that connect us to a world of rich interaction are a way-of-life.  The roles of work and play are being redefined by the creative class: managers, bloggers, writers, and designers are restructuring their work to be more digital, comfortable, and inspiring.  The Bevl Brand lives at the intersection of work and play by seamlessly integrating our devices into our environment. Bevl products clean up, de-clutter, and organize users' lives in a thoughtful way.


The Elements of Style

At a glance BEVL products are designed simply to complement personal style.  However a closer look will show that every detail has been considered to fit, perform, and look just right.  No other dock allows the user to adjust viewing angle.  Through iteration, we tested many tilting mechanism designs, user workflows, and visual systems.  In addition to visual simplicity we crafted a dock that is divergent in build quality, features, and is rock solid in function.