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Advanced Bionics Neptune
IP68 cochlear implant sound processor

 Advanced Bionics (AB) is committed to improving quality of life for the deaf and those with significant hearing loss by developing the most advanced cochlear implant systems in the world.  AB and Product Creation Studio (PCS) designed and developed Neptune, the first wearable go-anywhere waterproof processor.  For the past 50+ years, water could and would destroy $15,000+ processors leaving users functionally deaf and financially burdened.  As a consequence, users would remove their processor/s and be deaf in wet/dirty environments.  Neptune gives new and unprecedented freedom to hear in environments the rest of us take for granted.  


Development Strategy, Product Design, Product Engineering, Innovation Management


Industrial Design, User Experience, Mechanical Engineering








Perfect Fit

AB chose PCS as their development partner to commercialize their miniaturized technology and realize their vision for this groundbreaking processor system.  PCS started with defining tough user needs, desires and issues, building and designing out from there.  This system had to have the flexibility, style and durability to be worn by toddlers, teens and adults.  Our team developed and designed the IP68 housing, interfaces and dynamic wearing system that works from pool to trail and looks good at work or dinner party.

Free to Live

Our combined efforts netted some cool awards for the first fully submersible cochlear implant sound processor.  However, what really matters to us is Neptune’s 95% user satisfaction rating and the knowledge that user can, for the first time, hear while at the pool, in the shower or just dancing in the rain.  Enhancing lives is what we live for.