We are explorers that live to envision what's next

Our studio is at the nexus of thought and action for creative doers. We are fueled by the need to solve problems and produce solutions that can be used every day. Our history combined engineering and design minds under one roof and the tradition continues to this day. We encourage creative exploration, failure, and expression to facilitate innovative growth for us and our clients.






Our relationships
We put people and their visions first

Our belief is that the strongest relationships are built through creation. We roll up our sleeves and go to work and seek partners who do the same. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients and guide them through the twist and turns of development--making their dreams our own. We exist to foster innovation and seek like-minded, make-it-happen people and brands who want to do the same .


Our Strengths

Industrial Design, Firmware, Electrical Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, User Experience, Project Management


Our Leadership
Multiple Perspectives with a Common Focus

Product Creation Studio is led by an experienced team with decades of business, design and engineering experience. We have a deep understanding of various market and organizational needs so we can meet our clients where they are in the development process, and within their addressable market.