Markets Served

Internet of Things (IoT)

Product Creation Studio has a long history developing connected devices. In an age where devices ranging from blenders to implantable medical devices are "smart," this experience is critical. When designed correctly, connected devices provide the ultimate user experience between an individual, the world and all the tools and devices they use every day. We have extensive experience developing connected devices across many markets and industries, and help companies navigate the IoT landscape to design products that provide superior utility and value.

Home Health

Easy patient access to data and at-home monitoring via sensor technology put the future of healthcare squarely in the hands of the consumer. Our design and engineering teams are on the forefront of the home health revolution, developing products for dental, diagnostic, drug delivery and personal care applications. Our deep experience with both consumer products and medical devices make Product Creation Studio the right fit for development efforts that require an understanding of both consumer and regulatory needs.

ISO 13485:2016 Certification - PCS+ Quality System

Wearable Technology

The fierce competition and potential regulatory hurdles involved with wearable devices implicate a myriad of considerations for product development. At Product Creation Studio, we’ve developed wearable solutions for applications ranging from fitness to advanced biometric monitoring. Our expert team helps companies address the very specific set of considerations that are presented when designing a wearable device.