A Concept that Will Make You Grin

PCS crafted OrthoPulse with user needs at the heart of the design.   Workflow research, mouth ergonomics and rapid trial and error guided the engineering and design team to create a waterproof, easy to clean, mouthpiece with an innovative flexible LED array that comfortably accommodates a wide fit range.  When not in use or when travelling, OrthoPulse charges and dries in its own vented case protected from dust and dirt.  Rapid healing technology and easy day to day use, what’s not to smile about?

Rapid Reality

Biolux Research needed their proof-of-concept prototype moved to an engineered, user centric solution, ready for production, and ready for regulatory approvals.  PCS lives in the medical device and product development space with a start-up mentality and we were able to deliver vetted, designed, tool ready files for both the mouthpiece and charging case in under 3 months.  We then assisted and coordinated manufacturing suppliers through the production phase and on to a smooth launch.