Built for a Global Market

OrthoPulse is a first-of-its-kind orthodontic PBM device built for consumers. PCS developed OrthoPulse to achieve regulatory approval for the international markets targeted by Biolux Research.  Our team developed OrthoPulse to meet and achieve requirements for FDA approval, Health Canada Medical Device Licensing, and the European CE mark.  OrthoPulse passed on all fronts, enabling Biolux Research to scale their business to both domestic and international markets.

"We elected to go with PCS in large part based on their wide portfolio of both medical and consumer devices, hoping that their diversity would help in developing a great product design. PCS delivered on our project. They were able to absorb and understand all of our various needs and requirements, boiling these ideas into a series of conceptual designs, and fleshing out the winning concepts into a single complete design for the product." - Kevin Strange, President and CEO of Biolux Research