Streamlining First Response

The average avalanche victim has 10 minutes or less to be rescued.  Uni-directional radio beacons used today require locating victims along RF field lines.  This method is slow and requires in-depth training to be proficient.  PCS worked with AKKA to develop a patent pending antenna array that can be used directionally, much like a flashlight beam, to pinpoint avalanche victims. We developed an easy to understand location interface to compliment the new omni-directional blue tooth antennae array.  AKKA Avalanche Beacon is winter durable and fit for the snow-sports lifestyle and environment.  The transponder is slim, easily carried in a pocket or on the chest for every Pow or sled session.

Search and Rescue Innovation

Together, PCS and AKKA accomplished a design that revolutionizes a 50 year old rescue technology, tilting avalanche survival odds in the favor of snow-sport enthusiasts and rescuers.